B.O.G. Meeting Minutes July 5, 2017

CREA Board of Governors Meeting Minutes
In attendance on July 5, 2017: 
Karma Ester, KSG
Joel Greene, RSI
Cathi Jones, FDT
Brian Reeder, COU
Mallary Stouffer, CIP
Angeles Villarreal, FDT
Clint Brass, Vice President
Phillip Brogsdale, Treasurer
Bill Canis, Acting Secretary
Mike Martin, Vice President
Susan Thaul, President
Stewards and Others
Wanda Almanzar
2017 CREA Scholarship and Loan Repayment Program:  Governor Stouffer discussed the status—a CREA request  for applications has been send out—and reviewers are being identified.

LOC “Envisioning 2025”: CREA participation in LOC focus groups was discussed, and the types of comments made at the open sessions were described.

Improving Communications:  Wanda Almanzar provided an update on suggested improvements in CREA communications; she has been meeting with CRS staff familiar with graphics and website development.

IP Pilot: Vice President Martin .discussed the status of this reorganization and CREA options.  BOG members had a range of questions about the changes and strategic options.

CREA Elections: BOG was reminded that elections of officers, governors and stewards is required every two years, with 2017 being an election year; balloting is usually held in the fall.  A large number of volunteers will be needed to ensure the success of the election process.  Acting Secretary Canis urged all BOG members to consider volunteering for the planning and/or election day itself and to recruit non-board members in their divisions.  All board members were asked to let the Secretary know their plans for running again.  Officers will meet and recommend a date for the balloting.

Annual Meeting.  The board was reminded that the Constitution requires an annual meeting be held on the second Wednesday in October, although that date has been modified in the past due to religious holidays. A date will be recommended to the board. Different speakers were discussed.