B.O.G Meeting Minutes August 2, 2017

CREA Board of Governors Meeting Minutes

In attendance on August 2, 2017: 

Carol Hardy-Vincent, RSI
(by telephone)
Elayne Heisler, DSP
Cathi Jones, FDT
Brian Reeder, COU
Mallary Stouffer, CIP
Phillip Brogsdale, Treasurer
Susan Thaul, President
Stewards and Others
Wanda Almanzar

Upcoming Schedule: President Thaul announced that there would be no CREA meeting on 8/9, but that we would have a meeting on August 16.

Minutes Approved: President Thaul discussed some revisions to last week’s minutes.

CREA Constitution: President Thaul passed out copies of the amendments to the CREA Constitution proposed by the working group of Vice President Brass, Governor Bradley, and herself. She described the process necessary to change the Constitution. Officers and Governors discussed the proposed changes.