Snow Day Policy

CREA was informed prior to the holidays that CRS management was developing such a policy. In January, CRS management informed CREA that the policy was under review. In both instances, CREA requested to see the policy and offer comments before it became operational. In addition, CREA informed CRS’s Coordinator of Policy Implementation that CREA intends to request bargaining over procedures and appropriate arrangements to the fullest extent allowed by law.

To date, CREA has not seen this draft policy. To clarify, CREA does not approve or disapprove policy that CRS management may issue. Once CREA has reviewed the policy, we can challenge provisions that may not be in accord with the Collective Bargaining Agreement, Library Regulation, or statute. We intend to request to bargain procedures and appropriate arrangements to the extent allowed by law.

CREA reminds bargaining unit employees that the Telework Agreement requires those who are scheduled to telework are required to work from home, even if the Library is closed. Also, current policy does not provide for unscheduled telework. The current Collective Bargaining Agreement does allow for Episodic Work at home, with advance approval from your supervisor.