CREA Members

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The Congressional Research Employees Association (CREA) is recognized as the exclusive representative of all bargaining unit employees. All eligible employees who pay union dues on a timely basis may become members of CREA. CREA represents ALL bargaining unit employees, but those who elect to join CREA help shape the union’s actions because members

  • nominate candidates for the officers, board members and stewards of CREA,
  • run for these positions;
  • elect (and remove, as appropriate) those in CREA’s governing positions;
  • ratify the amount and schedule of union dues,
  • ratify changes to CREA’s Constitution, and
  • ratify any collective bargaining agreement (CBA).

CREA members who have gone above and beyond the call of duty to serve CREA and its members may be considered for The Robert D. Poling Outstanding Services to the Union Award.

CREA has a governing structure comprised of five officers, a board of governors (BOG), and division steward with different roles and responsibilities as established by CREA’s constitution (embed link) and collective bargaining agreement (CBA) (embed link).