BOG Meeting Minutes — October 20, 2010

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Before the meeting got underway, President R. swore in newly elected Secretary Stouffer.

1. Minutes.The minutes of October 6, 2010, were accepted.

2. Grievance. A grievance was presented by VP Jefferson. The grievance pertains to a compflex schedule being revoked. The grievance was filed at Step 2 and was denied. Governor Crocker moved, Governor Harlan seconded, and the motion passed unanimously that the grievance be taken to arbitration.

3. LMI Response. Management’s LMI study response has been released. CREA will work on a response as well.

4. Meeting with the Director. President R. will meet with the Director October 21. Issues are solicited.

5. Office Support.Can our office support be used more? Ideas are solicited.

6. Steward Elections. VP Jefferson requested that steward elections be completed by November 10.

7. Shelter-in-Place Concerns. Governors Crocker and Campbell will pursue a meeting with the officers in charge of emergency planning.

8. Master Contract Bargaining.Ground rules are being worked on.

9. Audio Conference on Performance Improvement Plans.CREA has arranged to take part in a session on performance improvement plans. Conference will be October 26 from 12:00-1:30 in CWC-A. All CREA officials are invited to attend.

Meeting adjourned at 1:00 p.m.


Phillip Brogsdale
Beverly Campbell
Royce Crocker
Valerie Grasso
Shelley Harlan
Julius Jefferson
Cathi Jones
Jim McCarthy
Libby Perl
Dennis Roth
Bryan Sinquefield (telcon)
David Smole
Mallary Stouffer
Sibyl Tilson