BOG Meeting Minutes — July 21, 2010

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1. Minutes of July 14, 2010 accepted (with technical amendment). The Official Time agreement obligation is still in effect, through 90 days from its signing.

2. Mugs/Lanyards. It was the sense of the Board to purchase enough mugs (up to 350) to give to all current members as well as new members. It was also the sense of the Board to purchase a lesser amount of lanyards (150) to provide people with a choice. VP Moteff will get a final quote and proceed with the purchase. It was discussed that the purchase may be funded through the Event/Drive account.

3. Library Regulations. The Library has invited the unions to participate earlier in its process for modifying Library Regulations. That process involves the establishment of working groups as Regulation issues arise. The Library will contact the unions to participate in these working groups. Such participation would be considered informal negotiations, and the unions retain the right to negotiate formally as appropriate. The Board agreed that the Library should inform the President of CREA, who will then solicit the Board/membership for representatives.

4. OPM Survey. Library is putting together a working group to determine what if any next steps to take. The working group will include representation from all service units and the unions. Governors Granger and Rudman presented the results of their (and Governor Harlan’s) analysis of the CRS specific results of the survey, grouping responses with low positives/high negatives and high positives/low negatives.

5. LMI User Survey. CRS received the final report from LMI of the user survey mandated by the House Appropriations Committee. CRS will present the report to the Committee on Thursday, July 22 and will share the report with staff on the following Tuesday Morning Update.

6. Scholarships. Secretary Stouffer (Chairperson of the Scholarship Committee) will begin preparing for the 2010 Scholarship season.

7. President’s Meeting with Director. Telework working well, over 180 employees. A couple of issues pop up in individual divisions. For example, ability to substitute telework day. Discussed issue of certain websites not being accessible. Discussed issue raised in LMI survey regarding usability of CRS website. CRS has on-going effort to update the website. KSG Governors mention that KSG, which has some skills that could be helpful in website design, is not being asked to work on the website design.

Abigail Rudman
Ryan Granger
Dave Smole
Julius Jefferson
Dennis Roth
Jim McCarthy
Jack Moteff
Jasmina Miric