B.O.G. Meeting Minutes August 6, 2014

CREA Board Meeting Minutes

August 6, 2014

In attendance:


David Bradley

Clint Brass

Michael Martin

Libby Perl

Brian Reeder

Mallary Stouffer

Patty Figliola


Philip Brogsdale

Jack Moteff

Julius Jefferson Jr



Chelsea Robertson




Hiring for Office Admin Position

President Moteff updated the board on the status of the hiring process for the office administration job. CREA received eight applications and will be conducting interviews on Thursday, August 7th. May have to repost the job description depending on the job applicants’ expectations regarding the number of hours available for the position.

Library Succession Planning

CREA has been invited to attend weekly meetings held by a working group of the Human Capital Planning Board on the topic of Succession Planning at the Library. CREA’s input has been requested on the topic of recruitment and retention tools, identifying targeted positions vulnerable to retirement, a master recruitment program and phased retirement.

Term Limits and Election Process

Discussion was held on the advantages and disadvantages of changing the term length from one year to two years for officers and stewards. It was agreed that changing to a two year term length for the officers and steward positions is appropriate to meet the needs of the organization. Starting in 2015, the steward elections will be folded into the general election pending amendment of the constitution to reflect these proposed changes. Also beginning in 2015, elections will be held every two years, at which time all officer, governor and steward positions will be up for election. Delegates to the annual IFPTE convention will continue to be held every three years.

Representation of Membership by the Board/Ballot Design

Discussion continued from the previous week’s meeting on how to reconcile the representational nature of the Board with the structure of the election ballot and the mechanics of how voters will vote on the ballot for representatives from either their division or CRS as a whole. The organizational culture and divisional structure of CRS are the strongest elements affecting the roles and responsibilities of CREA governors.


Meeting adjourned.