B.O.G. Meeting Minutes – April 16, 2014

CREA Board Meeting Minutes

April 16, 2014

Meeting Started 12:04 p.m.

In attendance:


David Bradley

Karma Ester

Patty Figliola

Bonnie Mangan

Michael Martin

Betty Jean Oladapo

Libby Perl

Brian Reeder

Bryan Sinqufield

Mallary Stouffer

Carol Hardy Vincent



Phillip Brogsdale

Valerie Grasso

Julius Jefferson

Jack Moteff

Alison Siskin









Chelsea Robertson




Minutes: Approved with some edits.

Request from Blacks in Government: Request to financially support the 6th Annual Youth Oratorical Competition. Gov. Stouffer moved that CREA donate $150 for the competition. Gov. Reeder seconded the motion. Passed unanimously.

Steward Training: Scheduled for April 22, 12:30-4:00. Of 11 stewards, 8 have RSVPed. Will have lunch and governors may attend but will have to use their own leave.

Meeting with Bargaining Unit Regarding LOC Closure Guidelines: Had a meeting with staff regarding the proposal. There were concerns about being called into the Library when the Library is closed. Should CRS provide transportation for emergency employees under this circumstance? The working group will convene to draft some comments regarding the proposal, and CREA reserves the right to bargain this.

Digitization: Board got an update. Chelsea is writing a manual to: give directions on scanning and using the software; explain what is in the files; and discuss how decisions were made in what to keep. Working on expanding the index. Plan on purchasing an external hard drive, and may need a volunteer(s) to shred documents.

Open mic:

  • CREA is ahead of CRS on digitizing and document preservation.
  • Centennial: Some have expressed an idea that there should be a “peoples” Centennial because of a couple issues including concerns about inclusion of past staff.  A member of the bargaining unit would like to discuss this with the board. Will invite the person to a future meeting.


No meeting next week because of contract negotiations.

Meeting adjourned at 1:03.