B.O.G. Meeting March 30, 2016

CREA Board Meeting Minutes

March 30, 2016

In attendance:



David Bradley

Joel Greene

V.C. Jones

Elayne Heisler

Martinez Majors Sr.

Betty Jean Oladapo

Mallary Stouffer

Carol Hardy-Vincent



Clint Brass

Phillip Brogsdale

Mike Martin

Alison Siskin

Susan Thaul


Stewards and Others


Bill Canis

Bill Krouse

Randy Schnepf


Office Administration: CREA posted the job announcement to replace John Mickey. We are looking for a combination IT/Admin position.

IP Pilot: Agreement was reached and a copy was sent to the bargaining unit. We discussed the agreement.

CREA Meeting with CRS Workforce: Workforce is the project lead for the IP Pilot since the KSG has a conflict of interests in evaluating the pilot.

FDT CODEL Memo Policy: Discussed whether this is unique to FDT or across the service.

Promotion Policies: There doesn’t seem to be any and there is no place where information is available. Is there a policy? Is it written?

Employee Recognition: Management sent an email to select people to be on a committee to help come up with ideas for employee recognition. How were these people chosen? Do they represent all CRS positions? All divisions and offices?