B.O.G. Meeting June 28, 2017

CREA Board of Governors Meeting Minutes
In attendance on June 28, 2017: 
David Bradley, DSP
Karma Ester, KSG
Joel Greene, RSI
Betty-Jean Oladapo, OPS
Brian Reeder, COU
Mallary Stouffer, CIP
NeeCole Womack, OPS
Clint Brass, Vice President
Phillip Brogsdale, Treasurer
Bill Canis, Secretary
Mike Martin, Vice President
Susan Thaul, President
Stewards and Others
Wanda Almanzar
Libby Perl, DSP
Randy Schnepf, RSI
Minutes Approved: The Minutes of June 21 2017 were approved.  A motion to approve was made by Joel Greene and seconded by NeeCole Womack; the Minutes were agreed to by a voice vote of 10-0.

IP Pilot, Telework Bargaining and Credit Hours : The president noted there were not major developments in these areas to discuss this week.

CREA Meeting with Divisions/Offices:  CREA’s next  division/office-wide meeting with bargaining unit employees was discussed; Betty-Jean, Wanda and Mike will collaborate on a date.

Draft LOC Directive on “Privacy Impact Assessments”: The draft that was sent to CREA was discussed and its likely impact described, as well as a non-board member who might have an interest in helping assess the proposal.

CREA Visibility: A discussion was held on ways to make the union more visible with management  and bargaining unit members, such as at the annual awards program and in focus groups development by management on a range of topics.

LOC “Envisioning 2025”:  In light of the preceding discussion, CREA participation in this focus group was discussed;  Mallary and Clint volunteered to each attend one of the two remaining sessions to ensure CREA input.

CREA Capacity:  How to make CREA more proactively engaged with members was discussed, including options to modify or increase communications, use of the website, e-newsletters, division meetings.