B.O.G. Meeting February 24, 2016

CREA Board Meeting Minutes

February 24, 2016

In attendance:



Karma Ester, KSG

Joel Greene, RSI

Carol Hardy Vincent, RSI
Elayne Heisler, DSP

Betty-Jean Oladapo, FIN
Brian Reeder, COU
Mallary Stouffer, CIP




Clint Brass, VP

Phillip Brogsdale, Treasurer

Michael Martin, VP

Susan Thaul, President


Stewards and Others


Bill Canis, RSI

Libby Perl, DSP

Suzanne Salgado, COU

John Mickey, CREA



Current Cases:  President Thaul summarized the status of current cases.

New Librarian:  Nomination of a new Librarian was announced today by President Obama.

“IP Pilot” Delay:  CRS announced a delay of the “IP Pilot” until March 21. Officers have been meeting to discuss potential bargaining proposals and ground rules. There was a KSG forum yesterday, at which staff asked about the “pilot.” Two CREA officers attended. The Board discussed the proposed pilot.

Telework: The Board discussed the process and purposes of re-opening the current telework side agreement. CREA has notified CRS that CREA wants to re-open the agreement.

Episodic Offsite Work:  The Board discussed CRS’s implementation of episodic offsite work during adverse weather conditions.

Library Surveys:  The Board discussed some current efforts by the Library to survey employees.

EAP Event:  The Board discussed listing CREA as a sponsor of an EAP event.

Meeting adjourned at 1:00.