About CREA

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What is CREA?
The Congressional Research Employees Association is the labor organization representing more than 500 employees here at CRS. We have represented CRS workers since 1976 and maintain a 50% membership rate, one of the highest rates in the Federal sector. CREA represents all workers in CRS – analysts, attorneys, bibliographers, clerical staff, technical staff, librarians and library technicians, etc. Only supervisors, managers, and confidential employees are excluded from representation. Since 1976, CREA has negotiated three Collective Bargaining Agreements. The CBA currently in force, signed in 2004, can be found here.

What does CREA do?
CREA is your collective voice to the managers and administrators of CRS and the Library of Congress. CREA speaks up when decisions are being made with respect to the conditions of work.  Our bargaining, individually or with our sister unions at the Library, has been directly responsible for such benefits as compressed work schedules and retroactive pay. These are benefits we would not enjoy without CREA’s efforts. To find out more, visit the CREA Accomplishments page.

CREA also negotiates with management for fair policies, procedures, and practices governing vital areas like performance, promotion, and adverse actions. An important part of CREA’s role is to ensure that management applies these policies and procedures consistently and fairly throughout CRS.  If you choose, a CREA representative can also be there with you in discussions between you and management.

Finally, CREA can help you when administrative red tape gets in the way with matters such as back pay, leave records, and employee information.

CREA needs you.
We respond to the needs and desires of our membership. As a CREA member, you will shape our advocacy of employee rights in CRS and the Library. Our new members bring fresh ideas and vitality into the organization. We need your help to keep CREA strong and we hope you join CREA and help make CRS a better place to work.