B.O.G Meeting Minutes June 10, 2015

Governors Officers Stewards and Others
Carol Hardy-Vincent

Patty Figliola

Betty Jean Oladapo

Mallary Stouffer

David Bradley

Bonnie Mangan

Bill Canis

Michael Martin

Clint Brass

Libby Perl

Bryan Sinquefield


Susan Thaul

Valerie Grasso

Phillip Brogsdale

Jack Moteff

John Mickey

Nicolas Cook

Randy Schnepf




.Minutes: Not covered, as Allison is at a meeting.


Appointment of Clint Brass to fill the temporary vacancy of Chief Steward left by Julius Jefferson: Motion to approve of the President’s appointment made by Brian, Seconded by Betty-Jean. Passes with no objections.


Update on meeting with Mary Mazanec: Valerie’s meeting was 6/9, little to report. There will be a farewell for Ed Jablonski at 4pm 6/11 at Hawk and Dove, and a staff appreciation meeting 2pm, 6/10 in Montpelier Room.


Update on meeting with Diane Duffy: Mentioned increased Weingarten meeting rate.


ULP on Emergency Closure: Work on the ULP will continue.


ULP on Staff Photography Project: An affidavit will be this week.


CREA Issues and Assignments: Division Meetings: These have been helpful, and should continue. Suggestion that we should host them once a term, instead of once per year, due to burden on stewards and CREA. Suggestion that smaller divisions could be combined for one meeting, or a more informal and shorter meeting could be held in them.