Statements by 2013-2014 CREA Election Candidates

This is the list of candidates for the 2013-2014 election arranged by division. Each nominee has submitted a short biography or statement so that members have the opportunity to learn some information about the candidates and their motivation for running for office.

For information about responsibilities of CREA Governors, see Duties of Governors.

For information about responsibilities of CREA Officers, see Duties of Officers.


Board of Governors

Listed by Division

Office of Congressional Information and Publishing (CIP)

  • Bryan Sinquefield, Candidate for Governor

I have worked as an editor at CRS for eight years. I served as the Secretary of CREA from 2006 through 2008. For the last few years, I have served as a Governor. I value CREA’s support of and contributions to CRS, and look forward to the opportunity to participate in its efforts in the upcoming term.

  • Mallary Stouffer, Candidate for Governor

Hello! I have been an editor at CRS for 25 years and have served in a number of capacities for CREA (as Secretary, Governor, member of the Finance Committee, and Chair of the Scholarship and Loan Program Committee). I look forward to serving on the Board for the upcoming term in support of CREA’s many activities. I particularly look forward to continuing my involvement with CREA’s Scholarship and Loan Grant Program.

Office of the Counselor to the Director (COU)

  • Brian Reeder, Candidate for Governor

My name is Brian Reeder and I am running for the position of Governor for the Congressional Research Employees Association. My hopes are to insure that all employees of the  Congressional Research Service are insured all rights afforded to them by the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA). I have served CREA for many years in multiple positions. First as a Steward, Member of the Board of Governors, Vice President, Training & Liaison. In all these positions I have given 150% to serve all the CREA members. I have always believed that when you take up the position of serving others you do it with honor, integrity and a commitment to insure everyone will be treated as you want to be treated. I hope that you will give your support so that I may continue to serve you now and in the future.

Domestic Social Policy Division (DSP)

  • David Bradley, Candidate for Governor

I am running for a second term to represent the Domestic Social Policy Division as a member of the CREA Board of Governors (BOG). I have been at CRS since January 2009 as a member of the Education and Labor Section. My research portfolio includes workforce development policy, the minimum wage, and Department of Labor appropriations. During my first term as a Governor, I served on the grievance committee and participated in organizing social events. I would like to continue to serve as a Governor in order to represent the interests of CRS employees, play a role in ensuring that policies are carried out equitably, and provide input on policies affecting all employees.

  • Libby Perl, Candidate for Governor

I am running to represent the Domestic Social Policy Division as a member of the CREA Board of Governors (BOG). I have been at CRS for eight years, where my research area is primarily housing policy, and have been either a CREA steward or governor for about seven of those eight years. After initially serving as a DSP steward, I have been a member of the BOG for four years. During this time, I have been involved in the collective bargaining process (as a team alternate), served on CREA committees, and helped to organize a number of social events.

I have been active in CREA, and would like to continue my involvement, because I think employees have good ideas about how to make CRS a better workplace, and that, through CREA, we can have input into the direction that CRS takes. It is also the case that sometimes CREA is needed to protect employee rights and question management decisions. In these ways CREA plays an important role in the lives of CRS employees, and I value being a part of the process.

Office of Finance and Administration (FIN)

  • Betty-Jean Oladapo , Candidate for Governor

My name is Betty-Jean Oladapo.  I am a Procurement and Business Assistant in the Office of Finance and Administration.  I am seeking the position of Governor for FIN.  I have been in the Library for eight years.  Prior to this, I worked for other Agencies including the US Postal Service where I was an active member of the Supervisor’s union (NAPS).  In my administrative position at the USPS, I processed all of the Step 2 grievances at my facility.  This consisted of scheduling meetings between unions and management, maintaining the files and logs, recording decisions, and forwarding file of unresolved issues to our Labor office for Step 3 processing.  I’m interested in being an active participant in the union that represents me and to which I contribute.

Foreign Affairs, Defense and Trade (FDT)

  • Vivian “Cathi” Jones, Candidate for Governor

Cathi is a Specialist in International Trade and Finance in FDT. She has been with CRS since 1991, where she focuses on the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP); import policy issues, and U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) laws and regulations.  She holds a BA from Valparaiso University, an MS from Nova Southeastern University, and an MSLS from Catholic University. She is also an avid sailor, and most weekends you can find her on her boat, Troubadour, somewhere on the Chesapeake Bay.

  • Dr. Michael Martin, Candidate for Governor

Dr. Michael F. Martin is a Specialist in Asian Affairs in Foreign Affairs, Defense, and Trade Division. Michael joined CRS in November 2006. He served on FDT’s consultative management (ConMan) committee for four years and was acting Section Research manager for four months in 2012. Michael holds a B.A. in economics from the Michigan State University, and a M.S. and a Ph.D. in economics from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. He lives in Takoma Park, Maryland, with his spouse Meipo Fun Martin, who was born and raised in Hong Kong. They both practice aikido, a Japanese martial art.

Knowledge Services Group (KSG)

  • Karma Ester, Candidate for Governor

I have been a member of CREA since 2000 and have served in the positions of Stewart and Governor. I have also represented CREA on the contract negotiation team and, Health and Safety Committee and the Grievance Committee. I believe all CRS employees deserve representation and that their voices should be heard. I look forward to serving you again.

  • Bonnie Mangan, Candidate for Governor

Bonnie Mangan from the Knowledge Services Group is running to be a member of CREA’s Board of Governors. She has been a member of CREA since 1979 and has served as a Steward, Vice-President, and a Governor. Currently she is finishing out the term of another Governor and would like to serve a full term for 2013-2014. Bonnie believes that all employees deserve to be treated fairly.

Resources, Science and Industry Division (RSI)

  • Patricia Moloney Figliola, Candidate for Governor

I have worked at CRS as a Specialist in Internet and Telecommunications Policy in the Resources, Science, and Industry Division since June 2003. I have been a CREA member for about a year and a half, and, having benefited from its representation of my interests, would like to contribute something back. As Governor, I would do my best to represent RSI and work with governors throughout the Service on issues important to CRS employees, especially in matters related to employee/management relations.

  • Carol Hardy-VincentCandidate for Governor

I seek your support for the position of Governor, which I have held since 2012.  I welcome the opportunity to represent your views on, and assist you with, matters affecting CRS employees. I  have been at CRS for 30 years, working briefly in the front office, then as an analyst in G&F, and currently as an analyst in RSI.  Since joining CREA in 1984, I have held the position of Steward (in G&F), where I worked with CREA colleagues on instituting compflex and recycling in CRS; reporter for the former CREA newsletter, CREAtivity; and member of the CREA Scholarship and Grant Committee.




  • John “Jack” Moteff (RSI), Candidate for President

I am Jack Moteff, Specialist in Science and Technology Policy in the Resources, Science, and Industry Division and I am running for re-election as President of CREA. I started my career at CRS in January 1988. I have actively served in CREA in a number of capacities: Steward (1998), Governor (1999-2009), Vice-President for Policy and Dispute Resolution (2009-2010), and Vice-President for Training and Liaison (2010 – 2012), President (2012 to present). In addition, I have served on several CREA bargaining teams, helping negotiate the existing Collective Bargaining Agreement and the Telework Agreement. I’m currently on the CREA bargaining team negotiating changes to the Collective Bargaining Agreement and engaged with our sister unions here at the Library on revisions to the Library Regulations implementing changes to the Americans with Disabilities Act.

 It has been a busy year: sequestration and furloughs; reduced staffing and resulting changes in duty assignments; debates with our relatively new CRS leadership on how best to handle criticisms of CRS reports by congressional offices; negotiating changes to our CBA and Library Regulations; handling individual performance, promotion, leave, and conduct issues. In each case, it has been my goal to vigorously protect and advance the rights and interests of CRS employees and the association, and to do so in a manner constructive to labor-management relations. A second goal has been to work closely with association members, fellow officers, and the Board of Governors to keep the association strong and vibrant.

 I am grateful for the support and encouragement many of you have personally expressed to me during the year and I hope to continue to earn your support.

  • Julius C. Jefferson Jr. (KSG/CG), Candidate for Vice President for Policy and Dispute Settlement

My name is Julius C. Jefferson Jr. and I am a candidate for the office of Vice President for Policy and Dispute Settlement. I am an Information Research Specialist in the Knowledge Services Group, Government and Finance Division and worked for CRS and the Library in different capacities since 1985.

I have been a CREA member since 2007, and served CREA in many ways over the years. I have served as a member of the Board of Governors, Telework Negotiation team, and the Collective Bargaining team that is currently negotiating the master contract. In 2009 I was elected to serve as the Vice President for Policy and Dispute Settlement. In this election I will be seeking my fourth consecutive term for the office of Vice President for Policy and Dispute Settlement.


  • Valerie Bailey Grasso (FDT), Candidate for Vice President for Training and Liaison

Thanks for your support during this past year. My name is Valerie Grasso, and I seek your support and vote for the position of Vice-President for Training and Liaison activities for CREA.  I am running for my second term as your Vice-President.

For the past 16 years I have worked as an analyst in the Foreign Affairs, Defense, and Trade Division.  Prior to that, I served as a member of the Board of Governors for several years, including stints as Board meeting facilitator, chairperson of the Committee for Board Resource Development, member of the Grievance Committee and the CREA Bargaining team.

The Vice President for Training and Liaison is responsible for membership outreach, communication, and education, and is a member of the Affirmative Action Committee.  At the request of the President, this VP serves on designated Labor-Management organizations and acts as a liaison with our International organization (IFPTE).

The transition to a new CREA president, the challenges of sequestration and furloughs, and the management initiatives which have required the active participation of all three Library labor unions have contributed to a busy and productive year for CREA.

As your Vice-President, I will be a tireless advocate on your behalf, ensuring that the hard-fought gains CREA has won are not eroded in the face of deficits and economic uncertainties. Despite the rhetoric, unions are still important. Our collective voice is important. We have a voice, and we must use it.

  • Phillip B. Brogsdale (FIN), Candidate for Treasurer

I am seeking nomination as Treasurer of CREA.  I have been a CREA member for 10 years. Currently, I am the CREA Treasurer.  I was Governor for the Office of Financial and Administration (FIN) from Feb. 2012 through Sept. 1012. I was the treasurer for the Library of Congress Ball Room Dance Club for FY2006; treasurer for Flowers High School PTSA from 2004-2005; and last, treasurer for my high school’s 25th class reunion in 2004. I have worked in CRS for 25 years and currently work in FIN as a Financial Management Specialist. Please support my reelection. Thank you.

  • Vacant

Candidate for Secretary