Duties of Delegate

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Federal Caucus and IFPTE Convention Delegate Duties and Instructions

The 57th IFPTE convention will be in Las Vegas, NV from Monday, July 16 through Thursday, July 19, 2011. It will be immediately preceded by the Federal Caucus. CREA will send three delegates to the caucus and convention. Here is a statement of the delegates’ responsibilities.

1. Before the convention begins.

  • At least 3 weeks before the convention, review package of materials including motions, resolutions, constitutional amendments, convention rules and accomplishment reports from the President and Secretary Treasurer of IFPTE.
  • Discuss issues that are subject to a vote at the caucus/convention with the BOG and get consensus on CREA positions if necessary. Present information on IFPTE accomplishments to BOG.
  • Contact the delegate or delegate(s) from GAO to identify and discuss issues of mutual concern. Present this information to the BOG.

2. During the convention.

  • Attend caucus and convention events including workshops and remain through the sessions until their conclusion. Carefully consider all matters brought out in discussion. Vote intelligently.

3. After the convention.

  • The delegate is expected to present a full report to the BOG within two weeks of the last day of the convention. The report should include votes cast and the outcomes on those resolutions of most interest to CREA; workshops/speaker events attended and what was learned; functions attended; contacts made; and upcoming topics or issues of interest to CREA. The delegate should be prepared to field questions from the BOG.