Duties of Stewards

Stewards are CREA members elected from each division or office to serve one-year terms. At least one steward will be elected from each division or office. The exact number of stewards will be determined by the president and vice president of dispute resolution with Board of Governor (BOG)’s consent. Stewards are the front line communicators for the union, assisting in the day-to-day administration of the Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA). Steward duties are formally laid out in the Constitution. A steward will receive and process the grievances of bargaining unit members in their division or office, unless another representative is appointed. Three stewards are appointed to the Grievance Committee for a one-year term by the President (with the BOG’s consent).

The CBA provides that a steward will be granted a reasonable amount of official time, generally not to exceed 9 hours per pay period. This official time would not include discussions with management concerning formal complaints or informal issues. Official time of up to 16 hours per year is also granted for CREA-provided and -reimbursed training.