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Officers (See Duties of Officers)
Susan Thaul
Vice President, Policy & Dispute Resolution; Chief Steward
Mike Martin
Vice President, Bargaining & Liaison
Tiaji Salaam-Blyther
Clinton Brass
Libby Perl
Representatives (See Duties of Governors and Duties of Stewards)
ALD (American Law Division)
Governor (Vacant)
Steward (Vacant)
CIP (Office of Congressional Information & Publishing)
Governor (Vacant)
Steward (Vacant)
COU (Office of the Counselor to the Director)
Governor Brian Reeder
Steward (Vacant)
DSP (Domestic Social Policy Division)
Governor Karma Ester
Governor Elayne J. Heisler
Governor Jessica Tollestrup
Steward Katie Jones
Steward Lisa N. Sacco
FDT (Foreign Affairs, Defense & Trade Division)
Governor V. Cathi Jones
Governor M. Angeles Villarreal
Steward Nicolas Cook
Steward Ian Fergusson
OPS (Office of Administration Operations)
Governor Betty-Jean Oladapo
Steward Phillip B. Brogsdale
G&F (Government & Finance Division)
Governor Jared T. Brown
Steward (Vacant)
KSG (Knowledge Services Group)
Governor (vacant)
Steward (Vacant)
RSI (Resources, Science & Industry Division)
Governor Joel Greene
Governor Carol Hardy Vincent
Steward Bill Canis
Steward LJ Cunningham
Steward Randy Schnepf