BOG Meeting Minutes — August 13, 2008

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CREA Board of Governors Meeting Minutes

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

1.  Introduction of Lucy Martinez.  President Roth introduced a visitor from CAC.

2.  Minutes.  The minutes of 8/6/2008 were approved.

3.  Grievance Settlement.  A proposed settlement of a senior level employee’s grievance regarding an improperly reduced bonus was distributed.  Governor Burrows moved, Governor Tilson seconded, and the motion passed unanimously that provision 4 should be removed.  President R. will go back to management with this.

4.  Extension of Detail.  KSG wishes to extend 5 employees’ details for 9 days.  Governor Harlan moved, Governor Burrows seconded, and the motion passed unanimously to approve the extensions.

5.  Part-time Policy Proposal.  Director has put forth draft proposal.  Elements in the proposal are subject to bargaining.  President R. will raise questions to the Director at his upcoming meeting.

6.  New Website.  Steward Beaver presented the new site to the Board.  Favorable discussion ensued.  September 2 is anticipated rollout date.  Thanks to Steward Beaver and the Communications Team. Suggestions made for banner and logo contests; prizes and details to be discussed.

7.  Training in Performance Management.  President R. distributed info on a one-day training offered by SFLERP (Society of Federal Labor and Employee Relations Professionals).

Meeting adjourned 1:00 pm

Sibyl Tilson
Dennis Roth
Mallary Stouffer
Brian Reeder
Cathi Jones
Lisa Mosciatello
Pauline Smale
Alison Siskin
Vanessa Burrows
Jack Moteff
Cheryl Beaver
Valerie Grasso
Lucy Martinez
Shelley Harlan