CREA BOG Meeting Minutes — September 1, 2010

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1. Minutes from the August 25 meeting were approved.

2. IFPTE Per Capita Increase: Governor Tilson made a number of inquiries regarding the IFPTE proposal. She received some clarification regarding when the 30 day countdown begins (not until CREA receives a notice to be mailed out mid Sept.). Part of the per capita increase will go toward increasing IFPTE’s contribution to its employees’ 401K. The pension plan’s 10% surcharge on IFPTE’s current liability is based on IFPTE withdrawing within the next 3 years. If they do not withdraw for 3 years, the surcharge goes away. However, IFPTE’s share of the liability would increase if more participants drop out. The current liability is also based on current market value of the pension funds assets. This could go up or down in the next 3 years. The issue was tabled for further discussion and to await further information.

3. Presidents’ Meeting with the Library: Vice President Jefferson, sitting in for President Roth discussed issues brought up at the meeting. The issue of FAME closing the 6th floor Madison and Adams cafeterias at 3:00 was put on hold for 6 months. The unions’ position was that FAME should look for savings elsewhere. The Library will rolling out its new Monster job application program September 10. AVUE will no longer be available starting Sept. 24, although the information currently in AVUE will be retained. The Library submitted a proposed change in the LCR terminating the appeal process for probationary employees who are not retained. This will be the subject of further discussion by the unions.

4. Mugs and Lanyards: Vice President Moteff took receipt of 150 lanyards and showed the Board the sample mug. He will give K&R the go-ahead to produce the mugs. There was discussion on how to distribute the mugs and lanyards and whether to give them only to CREA members.

5. Groupwise Passwords: There was a short discussion on this week’s announcement of a security issue requiring all employees to change their Groupwise passwords.

Julius Jefferson
Jack Moteff
Royce Crocker
David Smole
Sibyl Tilson
Shelley Harlan
Jim McCarthy
Phillip Brogsdale
Jasmina Miric
Libby Perl