CREA BOG Meeting Minutes — August 18, 2010

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1. Minutes from Aug. 11 meeting accepted.

2. Meetings with House Appropriation Committee and House Administration Committee staff: President Roth mentioned topics of discussion were contract reopening and employee surveys.

3. Contract Negotiations: President Roth to meet with Doug Warshof to discuss official time for developing ground rules.

4. Meeting with Library’s Performance Management Staff: Discussed Library’s expectations in Performance Management. The Library’s staff offered training to CREA officers, stewards, and governors.

5. Raise for Mary Rose: End of Mary Rose first year. Governor Crocker moved to provide Mary Rose with raise, comparable to federal employee raises, and made retroactive to her anniversary date. Governor Granger seconded. Approved unanimously.

6. ALD’s Law Recruit Program: CRS management has asked to modify the program to allow CRS to include law clerks in the recruitment pool. The Law Recruit Program has as part of its mission the recruitment of minority candidates. Management provided some demographic information from the National Association of Law Clerks. There was some uncertainty on how to interpret the information to see if it represented a strong pool from which to recruit minorities. Governor Crocker moved to gather more information regarding other available places to recruit before accepting management proposal. Governor Campbell seconded. Governor McCarthy offered a friendly amendment to also ask for ALD’s annual reports on the Recruit Program. The motion, with the friendly amendment, was unanimously accepted.

7. IFPTE Per Capita Increase: IFPTE has proposed the increase to buy-out IFPTE’s participation in a group defined pension fund. Some of the members of the fund are private sector employers that have suffered financially during the current recession and have dropped out of the fund. This increases the liability of the remaining participants. IFPTE would like to also drop out in anticipation of continued departures of other participants. The per capita increase would be $0.15 per member per month for the next 20 years. A number of questions were asked, including what actions were required by CREA, and what happens if CREA takes no action. It was decided to table this issue to gather more information.

8. Meeting with Director: A couple ideas were put forth for President Roth to bring up in his next is meeting with the Director—status of LMI study’s next steps, and plans for meeting with the new Deputy Director.

9. Official Time: President Roth informed the Board that the officers’ agreement with the Library re: reporting of official time has now been met.


Jack Moteff
Dennis Roth
Royce Crocker
David Smole
Valerie Grasso
Sibyl Tilson
Abigail Rudman
Beverly Campbell
Phillip Brogsdale
Shelley Harlen
Jim McCarthy
Ryan Granger
Bryan Sinquefield