BOG Meeting Minutes — August 11, 2010

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1. Minutes from July 28, 2010, approved.

2. Continued previous week’s discussion regarding reopening of contract. President Roth handed out copies of e-mails received from the bargaining unit in response to CREA’s email and web post which highlighted issues that are likely to be put on the negotiating table. Attendees added any personal conversations they had with bargaining unit employees. A spirited discussion focused on issues raised by management, namely up or out promotion policy and later start times, the relative value of the items CREA would put on the table, and the pros and cons of moving forward with reopening the contract.

Governor Harlan put forward a motion to reconsider Board’s prior vote to reopen the contract and to not reopen the contract at this time. Governor Perl seconded the motion.

The motion failed (3 ayes, 7 nays).

3. A brief discussion regarding the LMI study ended the meeting. The ad hoc committee looking at the study will continue to assess the study and determine whether CREA should make a formal response, and whether it should be proactive or reactive to any actions CRS management might take.

Quorum present.


Dennis Roth
Brian Reeder
Jack Moteff
Ian Fergussen
Nicolas Cook
Julius Jefferson
Royce Crocker
Valerie Grasso
Sibyl Tilson
David Smole
Libby Perl
Abigail Rudman
Jim McCarthy
Phillip Brogsdale
Cathi Jones
Jasmina Miric
Beverly Campbell
Shelley Harlan
Bryan Sinquefield