CREA Awards Roth the Robert D. Poling Outstanding Service to Labor Award

CREA/IFPTE Local 75 Honors the Career of Dennis Roth at its 37th Annual Meeting
The Congressional Research Employees Association (CREA/IFPTE Local 75) held its 37th Annual Meeting this week in Washington, D.C. This year’s meeting marked the end of Dennis Roth’s 25 years of serving as CREA President. Dennis, a civil servant at the Congressional Research Service (CRS) for 42 years, is retiring at year’s end.

The award is given “in recognition of having gone above and beyond the call of duty to help the bargaining-unit employees of the Congressional Research Service.”

Dennis’ dedication to the labor movement and his members is stellar – he served as President of CREA for 25 years, and is a former IFPTE Executive Council member, serving as the Eastern Federal Area Vice President.  All total, Dennis has worked at CRS for 42 years.  Throughout his long tenure as President of CREA Dennis took on some of the most difficult issues facing CRS workers.  He has testified countless times before Congress, negotiated with management on policy matters, and delivered member-driven solutions to many issues facing CRS employees.  Most recently he has been working to reverse the STOCK Act’s online reporting requirement that impacts many CREA members, and worked with Congress in delivering a meaningful CRS telework policy for his members.  Dennis has earned the respect and admiration of the entire IFPTE family and he will be sorely missed.