CREA Accomplishments

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The following is just a partial list of the things CREA has been directly responsible for, or have resulted from the combined efforts of CREA and our sister unions at the Library.

  • Telework. CREA was instrumental in pressing for telework and negotiating with CRS to craft and implement our now highly successful telework program.
  • Metrochek. If you got to work by Metro or other public transportation this morning, you can thank CREA for making CRS employees eligible for this program.  Metrochek provides up to $110 a month in tax-free transit benefits.
  • Compflex. Do you participate in CRS’s Compflex program, with a compressed work schedule that allows you to take a day off every two weeks?  CREA bargained long and hard with CRS management to bring you Compflex.
  • Day Care Center. The Little Scholars day care center, which operates as a separate non-profit entity, was also the result of union negotiations.  Little Scholars provides accredited child care for children between the ages of 3 months and 5 years.  The children and grandchildren of LC employees are given priority for admission.  Tuition assistance is available for those with financial need.
  • Leave Bank. CREA and the other unions reached an agreement with the Library to establish a Voluntary Leave Bank Program.  The Voluntary Leave Bank is a pooled fund of annual leave made available to participating Library employees with qualifying “medical emergencies.”
  • Career Opportunity Plan (COP). CREA successfully negotiated with CRS to create the COP program.  As part of the COP program, one or two positions a year can be set aside for which an employee who has reached the end of their promotion ladder may apply.  The COP position offers a higher promotional potential.  Upon successful completion of the program, the employee is promoted to this new position.
  • Employee Discounts in the Cafeteria. As a Library employee, you are entitled to a discount in the cafeteria.  CREA spearheaded the effort to offer these discounts which are now a part of every food services contract.
  • Retroactive Pay. CREA was able to put into our contract that If CRS management misses its deadlines for promotion on step increase reviews, any subsequent increase in pay shall be made retroactive to the date the review should have occurred.  CRS is the only unit within the Library with this right.
  • Dispute Resolution. CREA was instrumental in integrating dispute resolution into the way employees and management can settle disagreements.  It offers a less adversarial alternative to the more formal grievance and complaint processes.