BOG Meeting Minutes — September 9, 2009

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1. Scholarship and Loan Repayment Committee Report. The Scholarship and Loan Committee submitted an amended proposal. Discussion ensued. The Committee will take into consideration proposed amendments and resolve questions and return to the Board. The Scholarship Committee is not awarding any scholarships pending the Board’s approval of the guidelines.

2. CREA Coffees. Planning is apace. The first one may be as soon as next Thursday.

3. Constitutional Amendment Meeting. The meeting to discuss the proposed constitutional amendment with the membership will take place on Tuesday, September 22.

4. Office Space Redesign. Sean Moffitt, the CRS office design coordinator, met with President R. and several other people to evaluate the CREA office. He is working on ideas to maximize space. Meanwhile, it was proposed that the Board appoint a committee to determine how long files must be kept.

5. Meeting with the Director. President R.’s monthly meeting with Dan will take place tomorrow, September 10. If anyone has any topics to raise, please contact him.


Shelley Harlan LIN-ERPO
Julius Jefferson KSG
Cathi Jones FDT
Jim McCarthy RSI
Polly Smale G&F
David Smole DSP
Sibyl Tilson DSP

Dennis Roth DSP
Pat Purcell DSP