BOG Meeting Minutes – June 16, 2010

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There was not a quorum at today’s meeting. A discussion was held, nonetheless on the following topics.

1. Topics for Meeting with Director. G&F “policy” on speaking to the media. It appears at odds with CRS official policy. Some question regarding the implementation of the CRS mentoring program within KSG.

2. Telework. President Roth told that IMT has only has 9 people left to set-up for telework. 160 CRS employees have signed up for telework as of his last inquiry. Some discussion about getting more permanent or durable passes, or perhaps a more efficient system, for taking laptops out of building. 

3. Food Services Committee. Vendor has expressed concern about disappearance of metal flatware and plates from cafeterias. Vendor is required to provide these. Vendor is seeking assistance in solving this problem.

Meeting adjourned at 12:50.


Royce Crocker, Julius Jefferson, Jim McCarthy, Jack Moteff, Libby Perl, Brian Reeder, Dennis Roth, Abbey Rudman, Sibyl Tilson.