BOG Meeting Minutes – September 25, 2013

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1. Minutes. Minutes of September 11 were accepted.

2. Election Update. Email discussing potential changes due to shutdown circulated today. Voting location moved back to 6th floor due to asbestos removal at ground floor snack bar. CREA will proceed with current election plan unless shutdown happens, and postpone election if it does. Still need volunteers to work polls.

3. CREA Budget. Treas. Brogsdale distributed FY2014 budget. After discussion, Gov. Jones moved to accept budget; Gov. Reeder seconded; the motion passed unanimously.

4. Shutdown Update. Unions spoke with Dennis Hanratty, Library HR. MOU to be issued to cover a few gaps in the LCR (e.g., short notice to employees). Less people expected to receive excepted status; ADs have submitted lists to Dir. Mazanec, don’t know if she’s pared them down more. Excepted employees will be paid, but no one knows when. Letters to be distributed Friday to excepted employees. Exceptions this time expected to be based on subject matter Congress will still be working on. Some people may be somewhat on call and excepted status could still be granted at any point during shutdown. Notice to come in would have to be delivered via phone.

5. Contract Update. Management still not willing to bend on official time; may consider limited credit hours program (that’s less than rest of Library), but still not even willing to put that in writing. Negotiating team voted unanimously to go to impasse; management has continued to stall. All six remaining articles must be open to deliberation, so some of the things CREA has gotten close on—like opposition to up and out—could be at risk. One option is to continue negotiation on four of the six articles that are close to agreement. After discussion, Gov. Bradley moved to proceed to impasse; Gov. Reeder seconded; the motion passed unanimously.

Meeting adjourned at 1:00 p.m.


David Bradley
Phillip Brogsdale
Beverly Campbell
Karma Ester
Valerie Grasso
Carol Hardy-Vincent
Julius Jefferson
Cathi Jones
Chris Lewis
Bonnie Mangan
Jack Moteff
Libby Perl
Bryan Reeder
Chelsea Robertson
Bryan Sinquefield
Mallary Stouffer