BOG Meeting Minutes — September 2, 2009

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1. Minutes. The minutes of August 26, 2009, were accepted.

2. Proposed Changes to CREA Constitution. The membership discussion meeting is scheduled for September 22.

3. CREA Annual Meeting. Vice President Reeder will coordinate refreshments. President Roth said he would continue to make inquiries about a guest speaker.

4. Core Competencies. President Roth updated the Board on discussions with the Library, and noted that the unions had been invited to labor relations training. Discussion will continue.

5. Software Purchases. Governor Crocker moved that CREA allocate up to $400 for the purchase of Adobe PhotoShop software. Governor Tilson seconded. The motion carried.

6. New CREA Logo. Governor Crocker moved that the three new logo designs along with the old design be presented during annual elections for a vote to be tallied under a cumulative scheme. Governor McCarthy seconded. The motion passed. After discussion, Governor Crocker moved to rescind his motion. Governor Moscatiello seconded. The motion to rescind passed. The sense of the Board remained that the three new logo designs will be presented during the election for a cumulative vote.

7. GAO Union Presentation. President Roth said the presentation was tentatively scheduled for September 16 in lieu of a Board meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 1 p.m.
Beverly Campbell
Royce Crocker
Shelley Harlan
Jim McCarthy
Lisa Moscatiello
Jack Moteff
M-J Oboroceanu
Dennis Roth
Max Shvedov
Bryan Sinquefield
Pauline Smale
Mallary Stouffer
Sibyl Tilson