BOG Meeting Minutes — October 7, 2009

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1. Minutes.The minutes of September 30, 2009, were accepted.

2. Book Festival Comp Time. CRS employees who participated in the annual Book Festival did not receive comp time, although other LoC employees did. President R. will look into the discrepancy.

3. Annual Meeting.The annual meeting will be next Wednesday. A speaker has not yet been finalized. Vice President Reeder is organizing the refreshments. Information about the new scholarship and loan repayment program and the about-to-be-launched CREA Café will be distributed.

4. Scholarship and Loan Repayment Committee.Now that policy is in place, a new committee needs to be formed. Governor Stouffer will form the committee and temporarily chair it.

5. A&P E-mail Addresses and Phone Numbers Grievance.A Memorandum of Understanding has been drawn up with guidance on alleviating adverse effects. CREA will ask for copies of requests submitted by employees and the Director’s responses.

6. Telework. The proposal from management should arrive within two weeks.

7. Credit Hours.Governor Crocker moved; Governor Campbell seconded, that we postpone reopening the contract over the issue of credit hours until at least December (the next window to reopen the contract). Passed by voice vote.

8. TEC Quarterly Meeting.Tomorrow at 2. Information has been received that purchased copiers and printers are being held by ITS for “security reasons.”

9. Flu Pandemic: Union Role?The governors discussed whether CREA should take steps to provide information to members. The sense of the board is that CREA should monitor the situation but not send out information, due to the chance of disseminating conflicting or incorrect information.

10. Meeting Next Week.There will be no meeting next week due to the scheduled Annual Meeting.

Meeting adjourned at 1 p.m.

Beverly Campbell
Royce Crocker
Ryan Granger
Shelley Harlan
Julius Jefferson
Libby Perl
Pat Purcell
Brian Reeder
Dennis Roth
Bryan Sinquefield
Mallary Stouffer