BOG Meeting Minutes — October 29, 2008

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1. Minutes. The minutes of October 22, 2008, were accepted with an amendment.

2. New Governor from KSG. Julius Jefferson introduced himself to the Board. Governor Watkins moved to nominate Mr. Jefferson for election as a Governor; Governor Burrows seconded. The vote in favor was unanimous.

3. Steward Elections. The election period is to run from Monday, November 17, to Monday, December 1. Vice President Moteff reported that the Collective Bargaining Unit allows a maximum of 16 Stewards. CAC, FIN, and TEC are each allotted one Steward position; other divisions are each allotted two. Vice President Moteff said he would send a memo about the elections to the Governors and current Stewards. There was a strong sense of the Board that it should strive to find candidates for all 16 positions.

4. Negotiation Training. Staff from GAO expressed appreciation in response to CREA’s invitation to attend. President Roth said he would send the Board members and Stewards a list of possible dates for the Friday-Saturday training and a curriculum summary. Those interested in attending are to indicate which dates they prefer.

5. CBA Reopening. President Roth reported that Governor Smole, Governor Ester, and he had assessed whether to reopen the CBA in January. Governor Smole moved that the Board notify management that it has elected not to reopen the contract, and that CREA reserves the right to reopen the CBA next June or July.

6. Authoring and Publishing System. President Roth said that he and Vice President Moteff had met with management, and that he would try to schedule an information session with management in the next few weeks. Once there is a firm date for a launch, CREA will make the determination of whether to bargain the system’s impact on staff.

7. Combined Federal Campaign Talent Show. Governor Watkins, chair of the Talent Show, briefed the Board on planning efforts and said that potential judges and a house band are needed.

8. Vending Machines. Prices have been raised, reported Governor Moscatiello. President Roth said he would investigate and report back to the Board.

Meeting adjourned at 1 p.m.


Vanessa Burrows
Valerie Grasso
Shelley Harlan
Julius Jefferson
Jim McCarthy
Lisa Moscatiello
Jack Moteff
Brian Reeder
Dennis Roth
Bryan Sinquefield
Pauline Smale
David Smole
Mallary Stouffer
Sibyl Tilson
Zina Watkins