BOG Meeting Minutes – October 22, 2008

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1. Minutes. The minutes of October 15, 2008, were approved.

2. Steward Elections. Elections are to be held starting in mid-November. At the October 29 meeting, Governor Moteff is to report on CBA guidelines on divisional Steward allocation, whether a division may have more than two Stewards, and whether Governors may serve simultaneously as Stewards.

3. Negotiation Training. Five Board members are able to participate in a two-day weekend session; nine are able to participate in a two-day weekday/weekend session. President Roth will check with the trainer about possible dates in December and January, and contact GAO to inquire about dates that may work for its staff. Governors are free to send word to Stewards who plan to run again. Bargaining unit members who would like to attend are welcome.

4. Board Resource Development. Primary goals include enhancement of internal and external communication skills, investment and fiduciary expertise, and general union leadership abilities. Governor Grasso will send the Board curriculum and cost information on union skills training.

5. Early Start Times. President Roth briefed the Board on recent developments. A meeting on the matter was scheduled for later in the day.

6. Authoring and Publishing System. Discussion ensued. President Roth and Governor Moteff are to request an information session with management to discuss the system’s potential impact on staff. They are to report to the Board at the October 29 meeting.

7. Student Mentoring Program. Following Mr. Upton’s brief description of the Everybody Wins elementary and middle school reading program, the Board members agreed to visit the organization’s website and discuss further at the October 29 meeting.

8. Combined Federal Campaign Talent Show. Governor Watkins, chair of the Talent Show, briefed the Board on planning efforts. Volunteers are needed. An e-mail is to be sent to the bargaining unit.

Meeting adjourned at 1 p.m.


Beverly Campbell
Valerie Grasso
Shelley Harlan
Cathi Jones
Lucy Martinez
Jim McCarthy
Jack Moteff
Brian Reeder
Dennis Roth
Bryan Sinquefield
Alison Siskin
Pauline Smale
Mallary Stouffer
Sibyl Tilson
Zina Watkins