BOG Meeting Minutes — November 16, 2011

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1. Minutes. The minutes of October 26, 2011, were accepted.

2. FMLA Regulation. The new regulation on Family and Medical Leave is nearly ready.

3. FECA Regulation. The new Workers’ Compensation (Federal Employees’ Compensation) regulation has been issued.

4. Travel LCR. A modified travel regulation has been given to the unions.

5. ADA Regulation. The unions are close to giving an updated regulation to management.

6. Contract Bargaining. VP Moteff reported on progress. Association Representational Activity is the current article; Consultative Management is next and Space Moves and Employee Relocation comes after that.

7. Post VERA/VSIP. Twenty-two CRS staff have taken the offer. Nineteen were in the bargaining unit (eight CREA members).

8. President’s Meeting with Acting Director. President R. reported on meeting. Apparently we (CRS) are OK through FY2012 (RIFs and furloughs unlikely).

9. SmartBenefits. President R. reported on changes to SmarTrip cards. A separate account will be created for your SmartBenefits. Also, monthly benefit amounts may drop substantially next year. Details will be

10. CREA Coffee. Coffee event was big success! Thanks to Governors Perl and Rudman. We will hold another one in a couple of months.

11. Other.
a. Mr. Carron (head of labor relations) is retiring to become an administrative law judge in the District.
b. Baked goods for the CFC bake sale are called for by Governor Grasso.

Meeting adjourned at 1:05 p.m.


D. Andrew Austin
Karma Ester
Val Grasso
Julius Jefferson
Chris Lewis
Jack Moteff
Libby Perl
Brian Reeder
Dennis Roth
Abby Rudman
Bryan Sinquefield
Mallary Stouffer