BOG Meeting Minutes — March 17, 2010

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1. Minutes. The minutes of March 3, 2010 were accepted.

2. Telework Negotiation Update. VP Jefferson gave an update. Several important issues remain.

3. IFPTE Federal Caucus/Lobby Week. April 10-16 will be the week; all are invited to consider attending. Official time is available for stewards and officers.

4. Reopening the CBA? VP Jefferson gave an update on the provisions being considered by the committee. Input is sought on issues.

5. OPM Employee Survey. VP Jefferson distributed a copy of the new (2010) survey, which will be conducted soon. A Service Unit question is now included

6. LC Employee Guide. LC will be issuing an updated guide soon.

7. New Governor for KSG. Abby Rudman has stepped forward to fill the vacancy left by Cheryl Beaver’s departure from the Board. Governor McCarthy moved, Governor Crocker seconded, and the motion passed unanimously, that Ms. Rudman serve the remainder of Ms. Beaver’s term. Thanks and congratulations to Ms. Rudman.

8. Sponsoring a Speaker or Speakers? Might CREA want to sponsor a speaker from ALA? Information distributed for Board consideration.

9. Thank You Gift. Governor Harlan suggested CREA give a thank you gift of $100 to the staff member who developed our new logo. Governor Harlan moved, Governor McCarthy seconded, and the motion passed unanimously, that CREA give a thank you gift of $100 to Jamie Hutchinson.

Meeting adjourned at 1 p.m.


Phillip Brogsdale
Royce Crocker
Shelley Harlan
Julius Jefferson
Jim McCarthy
Libby Perl
Abby Rudman
Bryan Sinquefield
David Smole
Mallary Stouffer