BOG Meeting Minutes — June 6, 2012

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1. Minutes. The minutes of May 23, 2012, were accepted.

2. Master Contract Bargaining. The association representation article has been tabled; the primary issue was official time for officers and stewards. Next up is alternative work schedules.

3. Grievances Update. The Board had voted to take two grievances to arbitration; both were settled prior to that step. One more grievance is in stage 2.

4. Director Meetings. Mary M. will be holding three open, all-staff meetings next week. It also appears that the five committees that Dan and Mary established may be ready to report out.

5. CREA Committees. A dated list of committees and their members was reviewed. Some committees are currently active, others need Board approval to initialize. This may be a good time to reassess/update our current committee lineup and membership. All governors and stewards are encouraged to find any committee assignments that may interest them. An email to the membership to recruit new people to serve on the committees was suggested. Members may serve on any committee except the grievance committee (which must be governors and stewards).

6. Open Time. A STOCK Act update for the website to highlight CREA’s recent role in bringing these issues to light with the international and other unions? Another event (ice cream social, etc.) to discuss current issues facing public employee unions?

Meeting adjourned at 12:55 p.m.


D. Andrew Austin
Phillip Brogsdale
Beverly Campbell
Karma Ester
Julius Jefferson
Chris Lewis
Jasmine Marcellus
Jack Moteff
Libby Perl
Abby Rudman
Dennis Roth
Linda-Jo Schierow
Bryan Sinquefield
Carol Hardy Vincent