BOG Meeting Minutes — June 3, 2009

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1. Minutes. The minutes of May 20, 2009, were accepted.

2. Interim Treasurer. President Roth reported that Pat Purcell had agreed to fill in for Treasurer Siskin until annual elections.

3. KSG – Written Products. President Roth said an understanding had been reached between KSG management and the Office of Research, and that guidelines for written products were being developed. A meeting to discuss the matter was to be scheduled, he said, possibly for the following week.

4. IFPTE Convention. After discussion, Governor Stine moved that the Board vote not to purchase an advertisement in the Convention book. Governor Crocker seconded. The motion carried. Discussion turned to IFPTE’s proposed 75-cent increase in the base per capita tax, to be phased in from FY2011 through FY2013. A general consensus emerged that the International should increase training opportunities for the Locals. Governor Stine agreed to draft an amendment for President Roth to propose as a resolution out of the Convention’s Federal Sector Committee that would dedicate part or all of the base rate increase to the training of Locals. Separately, President Roth asked for the names of (1) any CREA members who had died since the date of the last Convention for recognition in a moment of silence during Convention proceedings, and (2) CREA members who should be nominated for the Convention’s Len Cornwall Leadership Award.

5. Administrative Support Assistants (ASAs). President Roth said management had agreed that seven of eight ASAs originally placed outside the bargaining unit should, in fact, be in the bargaining unit, and that CREA had requested a reevaluation of the eighth ASA’s eligibility. An e-mail announcing CREA’s successful petition would be sent out.

6. Grievances. President Roth said the A&P grievance over management’s refusal of CREA’s assertion of a right to bargain the potential impact of publishing author e-mail addresses and phone numbers had been filed at step 2 on May 29. The grievance over in-lieu-of days for compflex/compressed work weeks was on hold pending a review by LC’s Office of General Counsel.

7. Food Services Contract. President Roth said a decision on a Library food contractor had been delayed from July 1 to August 1.

8. Continuity of Operations (COOP). After President Roth had summarized a recent discussion with management about CRS’s position on COOP preparedness and response, the Board agreed that he should seek more information from management on what staff should expect—and what will be expected of staff—in a COOP event.

9. Senate Consideration of H.R. 1256. President Roth distributed an IFPTE press release to Senators expressing its support of two provisions in H.R. 1256, the Family Smoking Prevention and Tobacco Control Act: credit for unused sick leave for federal workers under FERS and automatic enrollment of newly hired federal employees in the G Fund of the TSP, unless the employee voluntarily opts out.

Meeting adjourned at 1 p.m.

Cheryl Beaver
Royce Crocker
Ryan Granger
Shelley Harlan
Julius Jefferson
Lisa Moscatiello
Jack Moteff
Brian Reeder
Dennis Roth
Bryan Sinquefield
Pauline Smale
David Smole
Debbie Stine
Sibyl Tilson