BOG Meeting Minutes — June 29, 2011

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1. Minutes.The minutes of June 8, 2011, were accepted.

2. Buyouts and Early Outs. The LOC is requesting authority for buyouts and early outs; this may not include many CRS personnel (or LOC personnel, for that matter).

3. CBA Negotiations. Next article (on leave) is being undertaken.

4. Meeting with Acting Director. President R. will meet with Mary M. on June 30. Are there questions or concerns? (Maybe ask about the debt ceiling problem.) The meet and greet went well; maybe we’ll have others.

5. Two-Factor Authentication. The process starts tomorrow; the best bet appears to be to use a cell phone and text to get the password.

6. Other. President R. distributed a useful handout on impact and implementation.
(Also, the Communications team questions about the CREA Cafe were mentioned; we haven’t forgotten!)

Meeting adjourned at 12:40 p.m.


D. Andrew Austin
Phillip Brogsdale
Beverly Campbell
Cathi Jones
Chris Lewis
Jim McCarthy
Libby Perl
Brian Reeder
Dennis Roth
David Smole
Mallary Stouffer