BOG Meeting Minutes — July 8, 2009

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1. Minutes. The minutes of July 1, 2009, were approved as amended.

2. Interim Treasurer. After brief introductions, the Board welcomed Pat Purcell, thanked him for volunteering to serve as interim Treasurer, and thanked outgoing Treasurer Siskin for her service to CREA.

3. New Board Meeting Facilitator. Governor Crocker agreed to assume the duties of meeting facilitator.

4. Treasurer’s Third Quarter Report. In her report for the third quarter of FY2009, Treasurer Siskin highlighted total annual expenses to date (53.2% of funds budgeted for the fiscal year); provided background on CREA’s pursuit of reimbursement of caucus money from the International; and explained the expense of additional money to cover until September 2010 CREA’s subscription to cyberFEDS, a labor relations database. Governor Harlan moved that the Board approve an additional $809 for online services to cover the expense. Governor Stouffer seconded. The motion carried. In closing, Treasurer Siskin said she had contacted a company about conducting a review of CREA’s financial records, and suggested that the Board consider the fiscal year timetable and whether it would be prudent to schedule an audit for October 2009, the start of FY2010.

5. FLRA Decision. President Roth briefed the Board on an FLRA panel’s decision, noting that the Library and CRS management were required to give CREA the business model studies used as the basis of the RIF of production assistants and technical support assistants. CREA had requested that management provide the studies by July 24. The Board agreed that it should wait to receive and review the studies before making a determination on a communication to the membership about the outcome of the FLRA decision.

6. Investment Committee Recommendations. Governor Stouffer and Steward Shvedov summarized an Investment Committee proposal, to be voted on by the Board and presented as a referendum during annual elections, to change the makeup of the Financial Committee from three members to one, and to give the Board the right to establish and modify investment policies and operational guidance. Accompanying the proposed constitutional changes will be a statement to the membership about CREA’s longstanding strategy of investing in safe, government-backed securities, and an assurance that the strategy will continue under the new provisions. Governor Crocker moved that the proposal be accepted. Governor Harlan seconded. The motion carried.

7. CREA Office Support. President Roth said interviews had been held and a candidate selected, and that an offer would be made.

8. Training Opportunities. A few members of the Board expressed interest in training opportunities in the months ahead—among them workers’ compensation in the federal workplace, bridging generation gaps in the workplace, and arbitration for advocates. President Roth said he would send out information on a Cornell University online course. Discussion is to continue in later meetings.

9. Laptop Planning and Meeting with the Director. President Roth said he and Vice President Moteff had met with Ed Jablonski, current head of the Office of Technology, to learn more about a staff laptop pilot program. President Roth also said he had requested that CREA receive briefings with management’s recently formed telework policy committee, as well as with the three committees formed in response to the Library’s employee survey results. The Board agreed that President Roth should seek additional information from the Director on the objectives and timetables of the three CRS committees.

10. New CREA Member Giveaways. After discussion of bulk purchase prices lanyards, mouse pads, and mugs adorned with the CREA logo, the Board thanked Vice President Reeder for researching the items. Governor Stouffer said planning meetings to discuss a new logo design had been held.

Meeting adjourned at 1 p.m.


Beverly Campbell

Royce Crocker

Shelley Harlan

Julius Jefferson

Cathi Jones

Jim McCarthy

Jack Moteff

Pat Purcell

Brian Reeder

Dennis Roth

Max Shvedov

Bryan Sinquefield

Alison Siskin

Mallary Stouffer

Sibyl Tilson