BOG Meeting Minutes – July 31, 2013

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1. Minutes. The minutes of July 24, 2013, were accepted.

2. Quickbooks Subscription. Renewal for payroll system needed for CREA office will cost $263 this year. Gov. Stouffer moved that the software budget be increased from $800 to $900 to cover the remaining amount needed for this. Gov. Reeder seconded; the motion passed unanimously.

3. Election and Annual Meeting. All governors and officers up for election this year. Pres. Moteff and Sec. Lewis to select day for election, candidates to be given 21-day notice to complete petitions. Election must be completed before the first Tuesday in October—the date of the annual meeting. Email will go out to members announcing elections and soliciting candidates. Best method for physical mailing required by constitution still being considered. An election coordinator who isn’t running for any office is needed; can be any member.

4. Director’s Meeting. Pres. Moteff asked Dir. Mazanec if she would give budget briefing. She says she wants to have all-staff meeting again and budget will be on the agenda. Discussed the value of the meetings and asked her what she wants to get from them. She’d like to keep them 1 on 1 with CREA president. Asked us to keep her informed about employee concerns.

5. LCRR Update. CREA has signed agreement. Original, more flexible procedures for assigning time slots in effect. People who already worked their shift and were then told they would have to work again because of the threatened procedure change will be given credit for time served. Meeting with KSG scheduled for Aug. 1. CREA will reiterate that people can try requesting serving their shift while teleworking. Management can deny it; CREA will analyze the denials.

5. Contract Update. CRS management says they’re willing to reopen negotiation to avoid arbitration. CREA has submitted a package addressing six outstanding articles; kept everything pertaining to flexible work schedules open.

Meeting adjourned at 12:40 p.m.


David Bradley
Philip Brogsdale
Beverly Campbell
Julius Jefferson
Chris Lewis
Bonnie Mangan
Jack Moteff
Libby Perl
Bryan Reeder
Chelsea Robertson
Bryan Sinquefield
Mallary Stouffer