BOG Meeting Minutes – July 10, 2013

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1. Minutes. The minutes of June 26, 2013, were accepted.

2. Office Staffing. Chelsea Robertson has been hired to handle CREA office administration. Congratulations and welcome to Chelsea.

3. KSG Staffing of LaFollette RR. CREA counterproposal was submitted; agreed to go forward with the basic procedures previously agreed to, reserved the right to appeal, and asked that telework and some other issues remain on the table for discussion. Management has walked away from negotiations, now claiming they are under no obligation to negotiate. They have retracted previous system of KSG staff selecting time slots and replaced it with system of assigned time slots, no swapping of shifts, no missing shifts except for medical reasons. CREA has crafted ULP because management is now implementing a system without agreement and isn’t negotiating in good faith. CREA held meeting with KSG to answer questions and solicit feedback.

4. Leave Bank. Overdraft of 2,000 hours last year. Hours from this year have been used to catch up. Only 24 hours can be requested now, down from 100. Unions have asked for an information session about leave bank issues, including how the overdraft occurred.

5. Smoking at Library. Unions presented counterproposal to Library plan to extend nonsmoking areas outside buildings. Suggestions included that the alcove at the northeast corner of Madison remain open to smoking and a table be placed at the southeast corner. Management not receptive to either idea; unions will meet to decide how far to pursue.

Meeting adjourned at 1:00 p.m.


David Bradley
Philip Brogsdale
Chris Lewis
Bonnie Mangan
Jack Moteff
Libby Perl
Brian Reeder
Chelsea Robertson
Linda Jo Schierow
Bryan Sinquefield
Mallary Stouffer