BOG Meeting Minutes — January 14, 2009

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1. Minutes. The minutes of December 10, 2008, were accepted.

2. GS-7 Positions Not in the Bargaining Unit. President Roth stated that GS-7 staff who are not tasked with handling sensitive personnel information should be part of the bargaining unit as a matter of clerical consistency. About 15 to 20 positions may fit this classification. President Roth requested volunteers to assist in pursuing the matter.

3. Timetable for Recruitment and New Employee Meet-and-Greets. The Board agreed that a contact person should be designated in each division, and that Vice President Reeder should alert the appropriate division contact about each new employee. It was suggested that contacts be designated at the section level, and that Board members and Stewards take turns in speaking with new employees on orientation day. Discussion turned to a CREA budget-funded pizza meet-and-greet in FDT, and to using the holiday party as a recruitment tool by allowing members to bring guests. Before moving to the next meeting agenda item, Governor Tilson moved that the Board permit a pizza party to be held in any division with a need for a meet-and-greet. Governor Harlan seconded. The vote in favor was unanimous.

4. Authoring and Publishing System. Discussion ensued over concerns expressed by some CRS authors about the listing of work phone extensions and e-mail addresses in reports published in the new system. The Board continued discussion of a proposal from CREA to management. President Roth said that CREA’s discussion with management on this continues. An extension of discussion of one minute was agreed to by the Board. Other topics of continued concern included the need to ensure that CRS service to Congress is of the highest quality throughout the Service’s transition to the new system; the role and responsibility of management in ensuring the system’s success; and the merits of holding periodic information sessions with implementation team members.

5. Inauguration Day and MLK Jr. Day. President Roth agreed to draft a statement for the Communication Committee on his success in ensuring that Library staff would receive the required number of days off.

6. IFPTE, CREA, and the 111th Congress. Topics that CREA might want IFPTE to raise with the new Congress include: legislation to address the GS-15 step 10 pay cap for CRS staff; telework legislation; whistleblower protection legislation; legislation to create a statutory Library Inspector General; and legislation to establish formal EEO status for LC staff that is equal to EEO status for personnel in non-legislative branch agencies.

7. Federal Bargaining Training Followup. The Board discussed a training session for the Board and SRMs; monthly meetings of CREA with the GAO union; and the possibility of looking into Joe Swerdzewski’s fees to represent CREA during negotiation.

Meeting adjourned at 1 p.m.

Valerie Grasso
Shelley Harlan
Cathi Jones
Jim McCarthy
Jack Moteff
M-J Oboroceanu
Dennis Roth
Bryan Sinquefield
Pauline Smale
Debbie Stine
Mallary Stouffer