BOG Meeting Minutes — January 11, 2012

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1. Minutes. The minutes of January 4, 2012, were accepted. Thank you, VP Moteff.

2. New Governors from RSI. Carol Hardy Vincent and Linda-Jo Schierow have stepped forward to serve. Governor Brogsdale moved, Governor Grasso seconded, and the motion passed unanimously that Carol Hardy Vincent and Linda-Jo Schierow be appointed to serve as RSI Governors. Thanks and welcome to Ms. Hardy Vincent and Ms. Schierow!

3. Accommodation Workshop. CREA is signed up for a workshop Jan. 18 and 19. President R. and VP M. will attend; others are welcome.

4. Office Software. Treasurer Austin reported that our financial reviewer has recommended we automate our bookkeeping using QuickBooks. Treasurer A. will proceed.

5. Office Support. President R. mentioned a need for clerical help in the office. Governor Martinez offered to chair a task force to analyze need and report back to the Board. Governor Schierow and VP Moteff will also serve on the task force. Thanks to Governors Martinez and Schierow and to VP Moteff.

6. Director Staff Meetings and Brown Bag Lunches. Meetings are upcoming. Staff are encouraged to attend; also, topics are solicited for official CREA mention.

7. Food Service. President R. reported that the sixth-floor cafeteria will be reopening next month.

8. Outlook Briefing. IMT will hold a briefing for CREA on Thursday, January 19 at 11:00.

9. Steward Elections. VP Jefferson reminded everyone that the election deadline (January 17) is approaching.

10. Grievances. Two grievances will be presented to the Board next week (January 18).

11. Room Change (Jan. 18). The Board will need to meet elsewhere next week.

Meeting adjourned at 12:55 p.m.


D. Andrew Austin
David Bradley
Phillip Brogsdale
Karma Ester
Val Grasso
Carol Hardy Vincent
Julius Jefferson
Martinez Majors
Jack Moteff
Libby Perl
Brian Reeder
Dennis Roth
Abby Rudman
Linda-Jo Schierow
Bryan Sinquefield
Mallary Stouffer