BOG Meeting Minutes – Jan. 15, 2014

Board of Governors Meeting Minutes

January 15, 2014

1. Introduction of Clint Brass, candidate for G&F Governor. Brass spoke on experience in CRS and motivation for joining CREA leadership. Governor Mangan moved to elect Clint Brass to the position of Governor. Motion seconded by Governor Hardy-Vincent. Unanimous vote in the affirmative to accept Clint Brass as Governor for G&F.

2. Minutes accepted. Minutes from Jan. 8, 2014 BOG Meeting accepted.

3. Committees. President Moteff reviewed the responsibilities and functions of CREA committees, which will be reestablished in the new year. An email with the following information will be sent to Stewards and Governors to support sign-up for committees in next BOG meeting.


4. CBA Update. The Federal Impasses Panel instructed the parties to select an arbitrary/fact-finder to mediate a resolution and/or make recommendations to the Panel on issues that were unable to be resolved through mediation. Both parties have agreed to enlist the services of Joseph Swerdzewski. Currently we are awaiting the Library drawing up a contract.

5. Digitizing Project. Update on project. Proposal will be submitted in the near future.

6. Budget Deal in Congress. Discussion about funds allocated for CRS. CRS received $105 million. This is higher than CRS’s post-sequestration budget figure, but $5 million less than what was requested for FY2014.