BOG Meeting Minutes – February 20, 2013

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1. Minutes. The minutes of February 6, 2013, were accepted unanimously.

2. Meeting with Bob Dizard, Deputy Librarian. Dizard has requested a meeting with all Library unions but no real indication of topic(s) was given. The assumption is the Library’s response to sequestration.

3. Monthly Meeting with the Director. The next meeting takes place on Tuesday, Feb. 26. Send questions/issues to Pres. Moteff.

4. House Appropriations Leg. Branch Subcomm. Hearings and Meeting. The Library will testify on Wednesday, Feb. 27; still no official invite for CREA testimony yet. Meeting with the Leg. Branch Subcomm. went well. No lingering concerns about the Hungerford report. They said we know as much as they do about how sequestration will affect the Library; we shared our concerns (e.g., when will we know? how will the cuts be distributed among Library units?). They hadn’t heard about the Library’s proposal to change EEO procedures. We stated that we have no issue with the Librarian removing himself from the process, but that the Library should still be responsible for conducting investigations.

5. Scholarship Update. Applications have come in, more are expected as the deadline (March 1) approaches.

6. Open Time. (1) Attendees of recent retirement trainings have been told new LCRs will be out this summer addressing phased retirement; unions were told no new LCRs until OPM and other agencies work out their plans. There are negotiable items, CREA wants to be sure we have input. (2) Donation to auction for Library’s Little Scholars program? Could be items or cash. Auction is May 10, the Board will discuss. (3) G&F launching a design review process for all new reports as FDT does. G&F version expected to be significantly different. Will all divisions eventually adopt design review? (4) New G&F emergency coordinator expressed concerns about shelter in place process, including employees moving to different floors and lack of individual unit numbering within offices.

Meeting adjourned at 1:00 p.m.


David Bradley
Beverly Campbell
Phillip Brogsdale
Valerie Grasso
Carol Hardy-Vincent
Cathi Jones
Chris Lewis
Julius Jefferson
Jack Moteff
Linda-Jo Schierow
Mallary Stouffer
Hassan Hussein