BOG Meeting Minutes — February 2, 2011

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1. Introduction of New Governor Chris Lewis (PUB). Governor Harlan introduced Chris Lewis, who has volunteered to take her place on the board. Welcome Chris!

2. Minutes.The minutes of January 5, 2011, were accepted.

3. Master Contract.President R. gave an update on bargaining.

4. Updates.

a) FMLA. President R. reports a rewrite of the regulation is underway because of a change in legislation to include certain situations regarding military personnel. The hope is to also improve and streamline the forms needed.

b) Telework. Question about what staff will think of the library following OPM policy for unscheduled telework. The communications team will send out an e-mail.

c) Arbitration. A denied grievance is being considered for arbitration.

d) Congressional Relations. President R. reports that meetings are being scheduled with committee staff. Any contacts are requested.

5. Scholarship and Loan Grant Program/Guidelines. Secretary Stouffer reports that a new round will be started. A minor alteration/clarification to the guidelines was requested by the committee. Governor Crocker moved, Governor McCarthy seconded, and the motion passed unanimously that the alteration be approved.

6. Library of Congress Credit Union (LCFCU).LCFCU would like to visit a board meeting and give a pitch on Credit Union benefits; a visit was approved.

7. Graduate Recruit Bargaining.President R. reported that bargaining is underway.

8. Retention Survey.Discussion deferred to a future meeting.

9. IFPTE Legislative Week.Is there board interest in attending?

Meeting adjourned at 1:00 p.m.


D. Andrew Austin
Phillip Brogsdale
Beverly Campbell
Royce Crocker
Valerie Grasso
Shelley Harlan
Julius Jefferson
Chris Lewis
Jim McCarthy
Jack Moteff
Libby Perl
Dennis Roth
Abby Rudman
Bryan Sinquefield
David Smole
Mallary Stouffer