BOG Meeting Minutes – February 12, 2014

CREA Board Meeting Minutes

February 12, 2014

Meeting Started 12:07 p.m.

In attendance:

GovernorsMallary Stouffer

David Bradley

Bonnie Mangan

Mike Martin

Clint Brass

Carol Hardy Vincent

Betty Jean Oladapo

Patty Figliola

OfficersValery Grasso

Jack Moteff

Julius Jefferson

Phillip Brogsdale


Minutes were approved from Feb. 5, 2014 meeting.

New Secretary: Gov. Stouffer nominated Alison Siskin to be Secretary and moved that she be appointed. Gov. Bradley seconded the motion. Motion approved. The position had been vacant.

Donation to Little Scholars: Board discussed donating $200 to Little Scholars for their fundraising efforts. Given that the association had already exhausted its donation budget, the money would need to be reprogramed into donations to be able to make this donation. Gov. Martin motioned to transfer $500 from arbitration to donations. Gov. Stouffer seconded the motion. Gov. Hardy Vincent offered friendly amendment to transfer $200 instead of $500, and wants the Treasurer to give a report on the budget. Gov Martin accepted the friendly amendment. Gov Stouffer seconded the motion, as amended. Board voted to move $200 from arbitration to donations.

Gov. Bradley motioned to donate $200 to Little Scholars. Seconded by Gov. Mangan. Motion Approved.

Office Equipment and Software: Digitization Project

Board discussed purchasing equipment and software needed to digitize CREAs records. Discussed whether the company has been helpful, and Chelsea reported that they have been and the pre-purchase accessible training videos have been useful. Upfront costs for the preferred option 1 are estimated at $2,896 and could have approximately $300 reoccurring every year. Treasurer Brogsdale said that money needs to be moved from savings for the project. Rep. Brass motioned to transfer $3,500 from savings for option 1 and any additional related expenses which are subject to approval by the President or Vice-President. Gov. Martin seconded the motion and offered a second degree amendment that the officers report on their decision whether to keep the product after the 30 day trial period. Gov. Brass seconded the amendment. Motion on the amendment passed with one person dissenting. Motion on transfer and purchases unanimously approved.

Open Discussion:

  • Discussion of the rumors/discussions about the new policy making all CRS employees essential and requiring work/telework during weather closures.
    • CRS is working on a policy. Nothing has been released. CREA has asked to see it and will take appropriate steps in terms of a response once it is shared. CREA will send an email to staff explaining this.
    • Concerns were raised about differing treatment of analysts and KSG in regards to receiving ergonomic furniture during the G&F renovation process.

This will be discussed in more detail in a future meeting as there have been other issues concerning the remodeling.