BOG Meeting Minutes – Feb. 5, 2014

B.O.G. Meeting Minutes February 5, 2014

1. Distinguished Service Award. Sean Farrell received the Distinguished Service Award for his contributions of time and service to CREA during his time working at CRS.

2. Minutes. Meeting minutes unanimously approved for January 15, 2014 and January 29, 2014.

3. Donating to Little Scholars. Discussion about donating the same amount as the previous year for the Little Scholars annual auction, which will take place in May. Not enough governors were present for a quorum; vote will be taken at the next meeting.

4. Committees. Sign-up took place at the last meeting but there are still openings on the membership and communications committee. An email will be sent to the membership detailing the responsibilities of the committees and requesting volunteers. Stewards in particular will be encouraged to take part.

5. The Arc Office Skills Training Program. Governor Betty-Jean Oladapo handed out informational brochures on the The Arc program for the board to discuss as an option to address the scanning and shredding needs of the digitization project.


  • Mallary Stouffer
  • Julius Jefferson Jr
  • David Bradley
  • Libby Perl
  • Valerie Grasso
  • Phillip Brogsdale
  • Betty-Jean Oladapo
  • Sean Farrell
  • Jack Moteff
  • Carol Hardy-Vincent
  • Bryan Sinquefield
  • Chelsea Robertson