BOG Meeting Minutes — December 8, 2010

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1. Minutes.The minutes of December 1, 2010, were accepted with a correction.

2. Union Benefits Insurance. The board agreed to hear a pitch from someone offering an insurance package to union members.

3. Inspector General Presentation. The board agreed to hear a presentation from the IG on the effects that the changeover from LC police to Capitol police has had on the LC. President R. will request official time for this.

4. Meeting with Director. President R. reported on his meeting. Subjects included WikiLeaks (a memo went out to staff on this); the budget (situation is tight – furloughs have been mentioned); technology (things will be frozen); and the new deputy (she is too busy to meet with the union). President R. will meet with the director again on Dec. 20.

5. CREA Holiday Cafe.VP Moteff reported that an e-mail went out and a post went up announcing the results of the survey and the board decision on the holiday party. The holiday cafe will run from 1-4:30 p.m. tomorrow (Dec. 9). Governor Crocker moved, Governor Reeder seconded, and the motion passed unanimously that $300 be added to the allocation for refreshments for the holiday cafe.

6. CREA Committees.A revised document was circulated. Discussion will continue into the new year.

7. Charities for Consideration.Governor Crocker moved, Governor Reeder seconded, and the motion passed unanimously that we donate $1,000 evenly divided between the Marines’ Toys for Tots, the Capitol Area Food Bank, and the AFL-CIO local charity.

Meeting adjourned at 12:50 p.m.


D.Andrew Austin
Phillip Brogsdale
Beverly Campbell
Royce Crocker
Valerie Grasso
Shelley Harlan
Julius Jefferson
Cathi Jones
Jim McCarthy
Jack Moteff
Libby Perl
Brian Reeder
Dennis Roth
Bryan Sinquefield
David Smole
Mallary Stouffer
Sibyl Tilson