BOG Meeting Minutes – December 11, 2013

1. Minutes from previous meeting (December 4) accepted.

2. Donation to charities in lieu of having a Christmas party. Looked at donation amounts and recipients from past years. Jack noted that N-Street Village didn’t cash the donation check from last year; proposed that they be omitted from the list this year. Gov. Stouffer moved to distribute total of $1000 equally between Capitol Hill Ministry, Operation Homefront and Share Food Network. Motion seconded by Gov. Reeder and
passed unanimously.

3. Training needs for 2014. Vice President Grasso discussed a general vision for training in 2014 and asked that board members think about ideas to contribute on the subject. Specifically, she mentioned training on the role of governors on the board of a non-profit organization, for example their fiduciary responsibilities. She also mentioned the importance of launching a sustainable succession initiative to support the process of filling officer/governor positions in the future.

4. CBA Update. President Moteff updated the board on the CBA negotiation. The negotiating team met after last week’s BOG meeting and made the decision to reject management’s latest proposal. Jack noted that the Executive Director of the Federal Services Impasses Panel was scheduled to submit a recommendation to the panel later that day. The next step in the process will be determined by what has been proposed to the panel.

5. Email regarding Service to Congress during inclement weather/government closure. The board discussed the content of communication notices (emails/‘Announcements’) sent by management to CRS employees regarding employee work-related responsibilities during government closure due to inclement weather. Discussion centered around uncertainty about management’s expectations of employees in regard to taking requests during government closures.

Meeting adjourned at 1:00 pm.

Jack Moteff
Julius Jefferson
Valerie Grasso
Chelsea Robertson
Bryan Sinquefield
Brian Reeder
Mallory Stouffer
Patty Figliola
Michael Martin
Libby Perl