B.O.G. Meeting Minutes June 17, 2015

CREA Board Meeting Minutes

June 17, 2015

In attendance:



Clint Brass

Carol Hardy-Vincent

V. Cathi Jones

Libby Perl

Brian Reeder

Mallary Stouffer



Valerie Grasso

Alison Siskin

Susan Thaul


Stewards and Others


John Mickey

Jack Moteff

Randy Schnerf





Minutes: none prepared.

Metro Council: The head of the council is planning to retire and they are rewriting the by-laws to have a full time director. There is a way to make sure dues to Metro Council do not go to the political arm. CREA is going to make sure that their dues do not go to the political arm of the council.

Resignation: Gov. Figliola resigned. Need to recruit another governor for RSI.

Legislation in the FY16 Appropriations: Report language in the bill directs the office of compliance to do a pilot program to provide an outside-the-library alternative to the current library dispute resolution process. The provision was proposed by Senator Blunt and there is some uncertainty about what it means. CREA and the other unions have requested an information sessions with the library on this.

Hiring outside of CRS: There seems to be a pattern of hiring outside of CRS for DAD positions rather than hiring one of the SRMs, who often serve as acting DAD during the hiring process.

Temporary Promotions: The board discussed the issue of temporary promotions which continue past the amount of time allowed under the contract.

Open Forum:

  • During renovations there have been issues with noise and with the chemical adhesives used during the process which are uncomfortable, annoying, triggering allergies for some. Can any accommodations be made (e.g., allowing to work at home) for those bothered especially by the chemicals.

Meeting adjourned at 1:00.