B.O.G. Meeting September 7, 2016

CREA Board Meeting Minutes

September 7, 2016

In attendance:



Joel Greene

Carol Hardy Vincent

Elayne Heisler

V.C. Jones

Brian Reeder

Mallary Stouffer



Clint Brass

Phillip Brogsdale

Mike Martin

Alison Siskin

Susan Thaul


Stewards and Others


Bill Canis

Keisha Johnson

Suzanne Salgado

Randy Schnepf



Cellular System: CREA spoke to ISS about this. The system was established in 2011 and there was only enough money for public areas. Public areas were deemed the priority given the usage of the building by Members, staffers, and the public. The LOC is working on the issue but it may take years to resolve.


Parking Program: There are problems related to the Capital Police and their ability to see the parking passes. The Library is proposing sanctions for those who park without authorization in the garage. For the first violation the Library would issue a citation, then for a second violation the Library would contact the person’s supervisor, and for more violations the person would lose their parking privileges. The BOG discussed whether notifying one’s supervisor is an appropriate result of parking without authorization in the garage; is unauthorized parking an issue concerning workplace conduct? Also, discussed some concerns related to security of the garage.


OPM Survey:  The BOG discussed the released findings of the survey and discussed whether it would be possible to get the data in a less aggregated form.


New Librarian: The union presidents have been invited to the swearing in ceremony.