B.O.G. Meeting September 2, 2015

CREA Board Meeting Minutes
September 2, 2015
In attendance:

David Bradley
Karma Ester
Carol Hardy-Vincent
V. Cathi Jones
Bonnie Mangan
Michael Martin
Betty-Jean Oladapo
Brian Reeder


Valerie Grasso
Clint Brass
Phillip Brogsdale
Alison Siskin
Susan Thaul
Stewards and Others

Bill Canis
John Mickey
Jack Moteff

Minutes: Accepted August 5th and August 12th with edits.
Proposed Constitutional Amendment: Discussed why the at-large person needs to get 20% of the Membership to sign the petition. The reason is that it is the same number as Governors need and it has always been that way. Gov. Bradley moved to adopt the amendment to the constitution as proposed and allow the membership to vote on it. Gov. Reeder seconded the motion. The motion passed unanimously. Election postcards need to go out to the membership and we should put a link to the proposed constitutional change in the postcards. Gov. Martin suggested that someone should write an explanation of what the amendment does and that the board voted for unanimously to accept the change.
A quorum is not present so there cannot be a vote. Gov. Martin moves that we wait on the discussion and vote regarding the amendment to the next meeting. Gov. Oladapo seconded and then withdrew the second. Gov. Mangan seconded the motion. But since there is no quorum there can be no vote on the amendment. There was discussion about whether to discuss the amendment and figure out if there was a consensus of those present.
New Member Breakfast: Elaine Heisler is going to hold a breakfast for new CREA members on September 8th. We are expecting a good turnout.
Anniversary Update: In looking through the minutes there was a Sense of the Board that the party should have a budget of no more than $5000, but there wasn’t a formal vote. Gov. Martin motioned that the 40th Anniversary Committee be allocated a budget of no more than $5,000 to hold an anniversary party. Gov. Reeder seconded the motion. Discussed the proposed funding for the event. Motion passed unanimously. We will have people at the door to make sure that only CREA members attend. Gov. and Stewards will get a copy of a flyer to post in the division. There will be volunteer greeters and a meeting with Gov. Martin and Sec. Siskin to discuss the role of the greeters.
Election Update: Election is Sept 30th. Petitions and biographies are due Sept 9th. Kevin Coleman and Sam Garrett have graciously agreed to be the election co-chairs. There was a discussion of who is running and where there are open positions.
Meeting adjourned at 1:00.